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Launch My New Company

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NEWSFLASH: Tonight I am delighted to share with you the exciting news….. Let’s watch my video above  


I am really excited to announce the launch of something new… Want to know more?…have a look here.

Doesn’t it look great – the name, the logo and the website are all my creation and I think look fabulous!

I’d like to explain why I have chosen this particular name Creative Mint Digital (CMD) and the design behind the logo.

I chose Creative because it embodies the notion of the generation and creativity of ideas without limitation. Irrespective of the size, I can turn your ideas into something that comes together and looks spectacular!

There are two reasons for my selecting the word Mint – firstly, mint can mean special, novel, fresh, the first of its kind and secondly because I love the taste of mint with chocolate – even though I know I shouldn’t, I would be happy to eat mint chocolate non-stop forever.

The word Digital relates to the fact that we live in a technological world, there have been many technical advances and everything is now online. I can create design solutions that are online which include filming and editing and a range of other services.

Have a look at our website for more information about the services we offer.

I think the logo really hits the mark. It is an abstract representation of the growth of a mint leaf with the colour starting at the bottom of the leaf as dark purple, becoming blue and finally morphing into green. To me, this logo incorporates my favourite colours, is vibrant and exudes energy which is so critical when designing creative solutions. The dark colour at the bottom of the leaf suggests an initial hotchpotch of undefined ideas, which through finessing becomes a bright colour, a finalised concept, with the intention that it perfectly satisfies the client’s brief.

The digital component starts as a series of dots which combined form the stem in the centre of the mint leaf, overcoming initial design challenges, incorporating preferred ideas and coalescing into a fully formed design just like the planet Saturn which is one of my favourite things – it’s difficult to describe but I have a special link with it as I do with this logo because it is truly unique.

I feel that the logo is unique which perfectly complements the unique nature of my business – my business is one of a kind, different to any other business in the marketplace.

Hopefully my explanation in this video has meant that you have a better understanding of the concept underlying my business.

I am really excited to launch this offering which is currently available across Australia but who knows, one day it may become international!

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked and collaborated with me to date in a range of organisations and clients who together have provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills, grow and extend my knowledge and experience, to think outside the square, which has given me the confidence to launch this business – I look forward to the future and the journey involved. I really want and am excited to work with each and every one of you.

One last thing to conclude this video – make sure you keep an eye on CMD’s Facebook and Instagram posts as I have a special surprise video planned which I will reveal soon…

Thank you and bye for now.

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