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First post of 2020

By 05/01/2020No Comments

This is my first post since August 2017.  It’s been about two years and half, but here I am. A lot has happened in that time – I have recently moved back to Sydney from Melbourne and have also been doing extensive travel for WFDYS.  So needless to say I have been busy!  All the while I have been mindful of the need to get back to my freelance business, to kickstart my creative work and open back up to new opportunities with the community.

If you have already had a look around my new website you will see that I have re-designed it to include new pages, such as a portfolio of my designs, information on leadership, more information on myself and more details on my services.  You will see a regular and strong focus on my areas of interest including leadership, WFDYS, design and creative projects, regular updates and insights into my ideas and thinking.

I’m really excited to see my website being more useful to you with more regular updates and information.  Previously I had tried hard to put more time into this project without success but now is the moment I will be able to focus my attention better.  I hope that you will be able to follow my journey more closely.  You will see some minor changes along the way and so if you have any ideas for improvement, suggestions or new things of interest please let me know.