Design Skill


A little bit about me

I was born and raised in Sydney. My family are Chinese and emigrated to Australia. I grew up in three cultures: Chinese, Australian and Deaf, which has given me a rich series of life experiences and broad knowledge of the world. 

When I am not working, you will find me catching up on precious sleep, socialising with friends, stargazing, traveling or facebooking! I share my birthday with at least eight million people in the world who were all, like me, born on New Year’s Day.

Why I love what I do

As a side line, I also do some graphic design work, to use my creativity. I like taking inspiration from looking at all types of designs and illustration and I like to constant challenge myself in order to keep improving my design skills.

Another part of my life is my involvement in the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section, which is a truly wonderful volunteer organisation. I’m a passionate supporter of the WFDYS and love meeting such a huge variety of people as part of that work and the richness that it brings me.

So, all of these are these important elements of my world. I enjoy all of them equally. I embrace challenges, I thrive on learning new things, and developing my skills. I continually work hard to strengthen contacts into a cohesive support network. 

My over-arching aim is to encourage members of the deaf community to feel comfortable with each other.  I think it is vital to support the next generation of young people. I don’t want our vibrant community to disappear. I want its rich and colourful history to continue well into the future.