Get to know me

Born and raised in Sydney my family’s heritage is Chinese and we now call Australia home. My view of the world is shaped by three cultures – Chinese, Australian and Deaf.

When I am not working, you will find me catching up on precious sleep, socialising with friends, stargazing, traveling or FaceBooking! I share my birthday with at least eight million people in the world who were all, like me, born on New Year’s Day.

Do it, love it

Although my talents and interests are diverse, my foundation is built on the idea of fostering a Deaf community to feel comfortable in its own skin.  Cohesiveness and collectivism are the keystones to building the right support for young people so they can contribute to the rich and colourful fabric of the Deaf community.  So giving a bit of my own skin will help to improve the lives of others.

On the side I put my creativity skills to good use in the area of graphic design, taking inspiration from a range of design and illustration types and trends. I set myself the challenge of constantly working on improving my design skills.

Professional work is necessary but volunteer work is my core.  I am perpetually inspired by the rich experiences of participating in the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section.  I passionately support their endeavours in improving the lives of young Deaf people all around the world.

Embracing new challenges, thriving on learning new things, and continually developing my skills are essential ingredients to the recipe of my life.

Welcome to my world!

Quick fun facts about me

  • If you could have any one superpower, what would you choose?

Teleportation – The ability to travel anywhere around the world and even the universe would be awesome! 

  • Sweet or Savoury?

Anything SWEET is a must. Yes I have a sweet tooth.

  • What is your favourite holiday destination?

Choosing one is hard but probably the Greek islands because I love the beach, sun and foooood! 

  • My favourite alcoholic drink is?

Malibu with Sprite – Light, sweet and smooth! Give it a try if you love that coconut rum flavour!